# Glossary

# Basic concepts

  • _Prtcl: The Underscore Protocol, _Prtcl-powered applications work with Evees and the Cortex Framework.

  • Evee: Evolving entity, a digital piece of content that evolves following as a sequence of content addressable commits and can live in different platforms.

  • Perspective (branch in Git): An evolving version of an Evee (on tip of its sequence of commits. One of the core concepts of _Prtcl.

  • Commit (commit in Git): A content addresable object pointing to a content addressable data object with the current content of an Evee and its previous/parent Commit, pointing to the previous content of the Evee. One of the core concepts of the _Prtcl.

  • Context: An arbitrary string that can be used to mark that two perspectives belong to the same Evee (without having to trasverse their commit history or even if they don't have a common ancestor).

# The Cortex framework

  • Cortex: A frontend framework in charge of interpreting Evees, make their content interoperable and rendering their content in different ways.

  • Entity: A JSON object.

  • Pattern: A JS Class specifying a behavior or trait that can be associated to some entities. It includes a recognize(any): boolean function to recognize compatible entities and other, generic, functions to manipulate those entities.

  • Lens: A HTMLElement web-component capable of rendering and interacting with a entities that are compatible with a specific pattern.

  • Source: A service capable of retrieving content-addressable objects from their hash.

  • Provider: A service capable of creating or modifying objects.

  • Cortex Module: The combination of patterns, lenses, sources and providers that work together.

  • Micro-Orchestrator: A container of JS Objects based on InversifyJS around which a modular web application is build. Some of the modules in the container will be Cortex Modules.