# @uprtcl/lenses

This package provides a basic lenses rendering engine for the @uprtcl/cortex framework. Cortex needs a rendering engine of this type in order for it to work in the frontend.

This module declares and exposes this native HTMLElement:

  • <cortex-entity>: entry point of the engine. This element takes a hash property, and is responsible for fetching, recognizing, and rendering the object in the appropiate lens.

# Documentation

Visit our documentation site.

# Install

npm install @uprtcl/lenses

# Usage

Import the module, instantiate it with its appropiate configuration, and load it:

import { MicroOrchestrator } from '@uprtcl/micro-orchestrator';
import { LensesBindings } from '@uprtcl/cortex';
import { LensesModule } from '@uprtcl/lenses';

const orchestrator = new MicroOrchestrator();

const lenses = new LensesModule();
await orchestrator.loadModule(lenses);

In your html, now you can use <cortex-entity>:

<cortex-entity id="cortex-entity-rendering" ref="<REFERENCE-TO-THE-ENTITY-WE-WANT-TO-LOAD>" />

For now, the only type of supported reference is a the hash of the entity to load. Support for new types of reference will be added soon.